Intellectual Property

Protecting Intellectual Property

Organizations are built on the strength of their ideas and ability to innovate. In our knowledge- based economy, Intellectual Property (IP) holds as much economic value as hard assets. While IP brings value, it also brings risk – risk that can be mitigated like any business concern.
Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world
IP misappropriation, misuse, and mismanagement can threaten the best business strategy and force a company on the defensive.

IP Risk Scenarios:

  • Hundreds of meetings and hundreds of hours of R&D only to have your software code stolen by a competitor or employee.
  • Years of product development that just leads to years of patent litigation and tens of millions in damages.
  • An investment opportunity with intriguing technology assets but rumors of missed development deadlines and budget problems.

In each of these scenarios, key evidence is buried in computer source code or other highly technical documents: proof of misappropriation of a billion-dollar trade secret is hidden in source code found on the personal laptop of a former employee; a critical patent is invalidated based on the computer programming of a decades-old and out of print software system; an ambitious software product is revealed as a bait-and-switch when its features fall short of the technical specifications originally shared with investors.

Trade secrets and patent portfolios present countless challenges to businesses and their legal counsel. You need to understand what you have and how to protect it. We are computer science experts who advise companies, law firms, and government agencies on IP matters.

Our Services:


Patent Analysis: Strategic advice on patents and portfolios for the marketplace and in litigation.

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Pre-litigation investigations
  • Prior art searching and claim charting
  • Claim construction support
  • Markman advice
  • Standards-related patent licensing analysis
  • Full-service patent litigation support (prior art searching to expert witness testimony)

Source Code Analysis: Examination of software, databases, and devices that embody company trade secrets.

  • Code analysis and comparison
  • Reverse engineering
  • Device testing
  • M&A code due diligence
  • Failed software development investigations
  • Proactive trade secret identification
  • Full-service trade secrets and copyright litigation support (preliminary testing and analysis to expert witness testimony)

Expert Witness Services: Reports, depositions, or testimony before a judge, jury, or panel.

  • Expert testimony in patent, copyright, trade secrets, and contract dispute matters
  • Technical tutorials and demonstratives
  • Damages support
  • Design-arounds

Data Management and Analytics: Scalable data management and analysis that meets evidentiary standards.

  • Automated, reproducible ETL operations
  • Scalability analysis and performance tuning
  • Data mining
  • Statistical modeling
  • Custom analytics and reporting solutions
  • Enterprise application software (EAS) investigations
Specialized Industries

Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Telecommunications, Robotics, Health Care, Medical Devices, Gaming, Entertainment, Finance

Our Approach

With years of litigation support experience, we see through data noise to find relevant and material evidence (the needle in the haystack). We accelerate and automate analysis using in-house tools to handle otherwise impossibly large productions of source code, documents, or data. We are true techies. Our expertise ranges from telecommunications to chip design, smartphones to industrial robotics, operating systems to medical devices. We collaborate with renowned professors and researchers to provide expert testimony and litigation support.

We serve Fortune 100 companies, 80% of the AmLaw 100 and the top 20 UK law firms. Our IP experts come from top technical universities and have handled more than 300 cases involving billions of dollars in disputed IP in federal and state courts, at arbitrations, and before the International Trade Commission (ITC).



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