Intellectual Property

Protecting an organization’s competitive advantage by safeguarding their most important assets: their ideas.

Safeguarding computer related intellectual property (IP)—patents, trade secrets and copyrights—is a strategic priority for businesses that depend on the development and monetization of information. But in a digital and connected world, IP misappropriation is rampant.
Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world


As technology disrupts industries and the legal and regulatory landscape quickly evolves to try to keep up with this change, organizations face complex risks as they try to protect its most important assets: its ideas. The digitization of everything, everywhere has disrupted the classic structures of intellectual property (IP) creation and enforcement. In our global, knowledge-based economy—where patents, trade secrets and copyrights have as much economic value as hard assets—patent infringement or the theft of a trade secret can threaten a company’s very existence.

Every company is also a potential target for criminals who are exploiting digitization and network connectivity to move faster and more effectively than ever before. Today, it’s not uncommon for an organization to have its trade secrets exposed or find that they are accused of misappropriating the trade secrets of others. From threats from competitors, to internal employees, vendors, customers, or even nation-states, digitization and connectivity has left every company at risk.

Organizations need to be ready to respond when these events occur; the most resilient companies safeguard their IP from the moment an idea is generated until it is replaced with the next great thing.


We are trusted advisers—experienced IP technologists, computer scientists, seasoned digital forensic experts and skilled incident responders—who work proactively to minimize risk, and respond to contain issues and crisis situations when the inevitable occurs. Our teams provide expert advice and analysis to help clients create or refine their IP strategies.

We’ve worked on high-profile incidents and served as expert witnesses for some of the largest organizations in the world, helping companies resolve a variety of IP-related issues. Our Strategic Intellectual Property Protection Service (SIPPS) helps clients find resilience by proactively identifying trade secrets, ensuring the most effective protections are in place, and maximizing the company’s ability to respond rapidly and effectively when IP is misappropriated or infringed. In the case of a cyber breach, our teams act as trusted, third-party advisors, conducting incident response (IR) and digital forensics to stop an IP breach in progress and uncover evidence that allows companies to pursue legal remedies when needed. We provide computer and digital evidence preservation, investigation, analysis, and consultation services for a variety of matters.

We also provide expert witness testimony regarding the technology underlying patent litigation, copyright, trade secret misappropriation, and other intellectual property matters, successfully backing up our findings convincingly in court.

The skills, backgrounds, and integrity of our people, combined with our industry leading proprietary IR and IP investigative tools, are a powerful force when getting it right matters most. At Stroz Friedberg, we are united by a common goal—to seek truth and maximize the health of an organization, ensuring its longevity, protection and resilience.


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