Portable eDiscovery Tool

Nomad - portable, self-contained electronic discovery appliance deployable anywhere in the world.

Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world
Companies need to comply with increasing security regulations in eDiscovery or eDisclosure, particularly in jurisdictions that limit data external access or transfer.

Stroz Friedberg’s Nomad Portable eDiscovery Solution addresses these challenges. Regardless of the size, location or complexity of the matter, the appliance provides clients with a best of breed technology stack to meet the needs of any matter. Nomad is a portable, self-contained electronic discovery appliance deployable anywhere in the world. No matter the size, location or complexity of the matter, Nomad provides clients with a secure, flexible eDiscovery appliance:


With ever-increasing privacy regulations such as UK’s impending General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR), our clients rely on Nomad’s infrastructure and adherence to best practices in data transfer to securely process, host, analyze and review data.

  • Depending on the Nomad solution selected, clients access data on-site and/or via a secure Citrix connection, either internally or through a protected web interface.
  • Units are configurable as completely self-contained, behind-the-firewall disclosure systems.

Stroz Friedberg has successfully deployed Nomads in China, Russia, Kuwait, the UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and across the US.


Nomad comes in laptop, desktop and custom-build options and can be implemented on-site anywhere, with full remote outside management.

  • This true mobility helps clients speed the in-country disclosure process;
  • Controls costs by ensuring clients purchase the precise solution they need rather than a “one-size fits all” appliance.
Best in Class

The Stroz Friedberg team includes former U.S. federal cybersecurity prosecutors, special agents, Big Four accounting partners, private technology lawyers, and IT specialists.

The Nomad eDiscovery Workflow

A best-of-breed software solution to meet the needs of any matter.


Nomad’s processing solutions, Nuix and Relativity, handle the most challenging data volumes and types.

Brainspace ECA™

Nomad’s analytics options help lawyers winnow data and prioritize key documents.


Nomad supports native review, enhanced search, near duplicate identification, concept clustering, and multiple reporting options.

What our clients have to say:

“Nomad eliminates the complex, often contentious legal and regulatory skirmishes that arise concerning where, when and how data can be accessed, transferred and reviewed off-site. It also neutralizes the often high risk need for data transfer outside the company’s network let alone across national and continental boundaries.” – Michael Charness, Partner, Vinson & Elkins LLP



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