Diligence + Compliance

Mitigating the risks of new relationships and markets in a complex regulatory environment.

Whether you’re researching a new market or optimizing your systems to comply with complex regulation, collecting and analyzing data is mission critical. In our digital and increasingly borderless world, companies also need sophisticated strategies and tools to find information, detect violations, uncover evidence, and comply with regulations.
Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world

In today’s highly competitive business environment, organizations must relentlessly pursue new opportunities and relationships. Whether hiring a new senior executive, forming an alliance, on-boarding new customers, or entering new markets, risks are ever-present and can have major implications. Unsuccessful transactions, failed relationships and regulatory sanctions can devastate an organization’s external reputation and harm internal morale.

In these complex and fluid scenarios—with regulatory scrutiny also increasing—understanding the business, legal, and regulatory implications of any business decision is critical. Businesses operating across multiple jurisdictions must assess, design and implement compliance and control programs to stay ahead of a multitude of legal and regulatory frameworks.


We are trusted advisers—a collection of the brightest minds in due diligence and compliance. We work proactively to uncover and analyze facts, and respond in real time to get to the bottom of issues when the inevitable occurs. We have completed thousands of due diligence projects from high volume, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening reports to in-depth Enhanced Due Diligence for joint ventures in high risk markets.

We also help guide organizations through legal and regulatory complexities while strengthening an organization’s compliance foundation by fine tuning policies, procedures, and systems. We work with regulated entities to test their compliance systems and ensure they meet regulatory obligations, effectively and efficiently.  We combine proven investigative techniques with powerful technological resources for data gathering and analysis to uncover crucial evidence and turn it into actionable recommendations based on our findings.

We have decades of experience identifying and responding to fraud and misconduct. Our analysts, investigators, and forensic accounting professionals help companies assess, design, and implement anti-fraud, regulatory compliance, and financial control programs within their organizations.  We are skilled in examining financial records, identifying significant business issues, and interviewing witnesses. When a case proceeds to litigation, our experts help assess disputed claims, quantify potential recoveries, and provide expert witness testimony.

The skills, backgrounds, and integrity of our people are a powerful force when getting it right matters most.



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Stroz Friedberg

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