Effectively respond to cyber attacks to limit disruption, ensure recovery, and expedite capital via claims preparation.

As the go-to-firm for organizations and outside counsel, we've worked the highest profile breaches in the last decade, helping clients effectively respond to cyber attacks.
Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world

When a cyber breach goes uncontained, it can cost an organization millions in lost revenue, brand erosion, litigation exposure, regulatory fines and customer claims.

Responding to a cyber incident without the specialized expertise and best practices that only an experienced external response team provides often results in slower recovery that ultimately increases the total cost to the company.


Effective breach response is a highly complex undertaking requiring expertise across multiple disciplines — and organizations need to act fast. Response is not just about finding, containing and mitigating a breach. The response team needs to be litigation savvy and possess the know how to preserve the integrity of forensic evidence required down the road. Serious breaches demand even more specialized skills, often requiring collaboration across external stakeholders, regulators, and board members. Without expert support, many organizations lack the processes and technology needed to respond effectively to a cyber breach.


Stroz Friedberg rapidly assembles and deploys a multidisciplinary response team, identifying and eliminating the problem, remediating damage, and restoring normal business operations. As the go-to-firm for breach response, we bring unique depth to our digital evidence preservation. Our expertise in information capture enables analysis and meets strict legal requirements. Moreover, we can use evidence gathered to provide testimony in regulatory or legal actions that supports the soundness of the organization’s security procedures and its response to a cyber incident. And, unique to Stroz Friedberg and Aon, we help expedite capital via claims preparation and ensure that potential losses are properly tracked, maximizing coverage and cost recuperation.

We recognize that a data breach isn’t just a technology problem. Our teams are in the trenches every day and have up to the minute knowledge of the latest techniques, threat actors, and attack profiles. We tailor our skilled and multidisciplinary teams to each situation, combining elite incident responders and forensic examiners with former regulators and law enforcement officials who have deep experience addressing some of the largest data breaches. We help organizations understand what happened, contain incidents while preserving critical evidence, and communicate with confidence—both internally and externally. The result is less damage and, ultimately, less reputational and financial fallout. And after a crisis, we are there to help resolve the legal, regulatory, and claims issues that often follow a major incident.

  • Incident & Breach Response
  • Reversing Malware
  • Digital Evidence Preservation
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Complex Cyber Loss Preparation



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