Improve overall cyber resilience and maximize your organization’s ability to respond to a cyber attack.

We help organizations continuously optimize their security programs to be ready to face current and emerging threats.
Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world

We help organizations continuously optimize security programs to maximize their ability to withstand new and emerging threats in today’s digital and connected world.

A cybersecurity crisis can hit at any time. When a breach occurs, it’s too late to develop a game plan. Being resilient means refining processes, plans and technology architecture on an ongoing basis as the threat landscape evolves.


Adversaries are out to undermine your business and are constantly evolving their techniques, increasing your organization’s vulnerability to cyber risk. Today, companies across all industries need to plan to protect themselves from multiple and sometimes unexpected external threats, ranging from organized crime rings to nation states, terrorist groups, online vigilantes and hacktivists. And cybersecurity risk is not just external, but internal as well — disgruntled, disengaged, or uninformed employees can pose a threat to confidential financial data, trade secrets, personally identifiable information, and employee safety.


An effective security posture requires constant validation, measurement, and improvement. As your trusted advisor, Stroz Friedberg helps you develop and adopt strong security governance programs and policies, develop and implement security procedures, and improve overall security architecture and design. In addition, we offer the opportunity to contract for a customized, flexible, and cost-effective retainer that can be applied to most of our cyber resilience services.

Organizations need the right governance, training, processes and technology to address all the cyber risks they face. Regardless of the sophistication or maturity of a company’s program, every organization can benefit from the proficiency and independent assurance delivered by external experts who spend every day helping businesses become more resilient. Risk is an ever- present reality, but by working with Stroz Friedberg as a trusted advisor, C-level executives and boards can protect their most important assets, continually improve their approaches to risk, and propel their organizations forward.

  • IR Retainer
  • IR Planning & Playbook Development
  • Threat Simulations/Tabletops
  • CISO Advisory
  • Board Advisory
  • Insurance Program Review
  • Information Security
  • Policies & Standards Development
  • Security Programs Development
  • Privacy Compliance Program Development
  • Secure Development
  • Lifecycle Transformation
  • Security Architecture & Design
  • Security Training, Education & Awareness
  • Data Classification & Mapping
  • SOC Project Management Office Services
  • SOC Program Management& Process Improvement



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