Stephen G. Korinko

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Stephen G. Korinko is a Managing Director for Stroz Friedberg’s New York office. Mr. Korinko’s many successes in investig­ations of identity theft, credit card fraud, counterfeiting, advanced fee schemes, embezzlements, corporate misconduct, and other financial crimes make him uniquely qualified to assist clients in a broad range of matters. Notably, he supervised court-ordered home detentions of high-profile criminals, including Bernard Madoff; investigated theft of more than $2 million of inventory from a major wholesaler which resulted in the seizure of $300,000 of stolen property. Additionally, Mr. Korinko investigated a major insurance company’s employee who embezzled more than $3.6 million, leading to the discovery of the employee’s multiple foreign bank accounts and overseas homes.

Mr. Korinko has more than 20 years of federal law enforcement experience as an investigator and as a supervisor with the US Postal Inspection Service. For the New York Division Major Crimes Team, he supervised Postal Inspectors and General Analysts investigating West African organized crime; cases included managing and coordinating a three-year US-UK interdiction of packages containing counterfeit checks and postal money orders and led to seizures of more than $200 million in counterfeit financial instruments. He was also the designated liaison between the US team and UK law enforcement agencies and served as the New York Division Credit Card Coordinator.

Serving as lead investigator for a major racketeering case involving a group of radical Muslims that perpetrated crimes against post offices and banks, Mr. Korinko’s ten-year investigation resulted in the conviction of numerous career criminals and included a field investigation into Central America. He also managed an investigation involving the theft of checks from a major bank’s lock box operation, resulting in prosecutions and the recovery of more than $11 million. Mr. Korinko is highly regarded in the anti-money laundering field, having participated and supervised the seizure of more than $16 million in funds tied to a money laundering/structuring investigation of drug cartels.

Mr. Korinko has testified numerous times as an expert witness in federal and state courts concerning both civil and criminal matters, and he has testified in London Southwark Court on an international fraud case.

At the US Postal Inspection Service, Mr. Korinko performed public relations and media relations activities to promote Service and consumer protection programs, appearing on programs including America’s Most Wanted, ABC’s 20/20, and Court TV’s Catherine Crier Show. He has developed and conducted instructional courses, presentations, and in-service training programs on topics including identity theft, advanced fee fraud, trends in financial crimes, and violent crimes.

Mr. Korinko is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), and a Certified Financial Crimes Investigator (CFCI) and is a member of the certificate holders’ professional organizations. Recognized by both the Postal Inspection Services and other law enforcement agencies, Mr. Korinko has been honored with numerous awards, including Federal Investigator of the Year in 1999 and 2006 from the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation; seven separate Department of Justice awards; the Chief Postal Inspector Executive Award; and ten New York Division Exceptional Performance Awards.


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