Peter Creath

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Peter Creath is a Managing Director based in Stroz Friedberg’s Boston office. He has advised clients on more than 150 matters relating to intellectual property, computer technology, and computer forensics, including landmark cases such as U.S. v. Microsoft. He has been deposed, has submitted expert reports in federal court, and has submitted numerous court affidavits and declarations. He has also served as a consulting expert for the duration of multi-year patent litigation, providing technical analysis throughout trial. Peter works on a wide variety of topics, including high-level software design and low-level software analysis; copyright infringement analysis; source code, object code, and hardware analysis; copyright and source code plagiarism; trade secret analysis; and patent infringement analysis.

Mr. Creath was previously co-founder and Vice President of Elysium Digital, a revered technology litigation consulting firm that was acquired by Stroz Friedberg in 2015. Before co-founding Elysium Digital, he worked as a consultant for AT&T Laboratories, where he created tools for graphical analysis of web sites. He has many years of experience in object code analysis on all major platforms and a variety of architectures. Mr. Creath’s undergraduate research at Princeton focused on 3D simulation, cross-compiler back ends, and reverse engineering. He was also inducted into Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society.


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