Peter A. Weitzman

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Peter A. Weitzman is a Director within the Data Analytics practice.  Prior to this he was a developer and forensic programmer in Stroz Friedberg’s New York Digital Forensic Laboratory, leading source code reviews in intellectual property theft cases and conducts database analyses in fraud and related investigations. He has developed custom software to support forensic examinations, electronic discovery projects, and data analytic matters, and he has designed and implemented custom programs to assist forensic examiners throughout the firm.

In several intellectual property theft matters, Mr. Weitzman conducted in-depth source code analyses, analyzing source code repositories and conducting repository analysis to identify aberrations in code development history. He further analyzed superficially dissimilar code bases to identify functional similarities, and he determined whether the code was of a proprietary nature, whether the domain of the source code developed was covered by a non-compete clause, and whether the code had another source.

Among his other significant casework, Mr. Weitzman developed, operated, and maintained a proprietary transaction monitoring system for a client’s anti-money laundering program, storing and analyzing transaction data to identify indicia of potential money laundering transactions. He also created numerous tools to assist in the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from a data set too large to be handled effectively by off-the-shelf programs; he authored scripts that searched for and identified unique PII as well as code to identify affected records and customer contact data that was used for the client’s notification procedures. Mr. Weitzman has further developed multiple proprietary email parsing programs to surpass the quality of email conversions offered by third-party applications and to enhance Stroz Friedberg’s eDiscovery processes.

Before joining Stroz Friedberg, Mr. Weitzman was a developer at Attap Technologies where he developed a shopping portal that used data from Linkshare, Amazon, and Muze. In addition to developing the data loaders, he developed the public facing and internal administrative interfaces, including category, cost, and product attribute browsing. He also maintained and enhanced, implementing database schema design, middle tier processing, and an HTML/Javascript interface.

Previously, Mr. Weitzman was a network engineer at Fidelity Investments where he developed and supported the department website on IIS and a searchable knowledge base in MS Access, including all technical documentation. He also administered a Local Area Network, maintaining file/print infrastructure for 1000 users; creating and maintaining login scripts; authoring tools for network, user, and hardware support; managing backups; and maintaining SMS infrastructure.

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