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Mark M. Noel is a Vice President at Stroz Friedberg and leads the firm’s consulting program for managed services in Electronic Discovery & Disclosure. He assists clients in evaluating and integrating into their legal operations such technologies as: supervised machine learning (e.g., technology assisted review or “predictive coding”), unsupervised machine learning, advanced analytics, data visualization, and cross-matter reporting for business intelligence and legal operations management. With his extensive legal, technological, and scientific background, Mr. Noel helps organizations reduce the costs and risks of electronic discovery, investigations, and legal operations by bringing an empirical, data-driven approach to researching, developing, evaluating, and deploying legal technologies and workflows.

Prior to joining Stroz Friedberg, Mr. Noel was a Managing Director at Catalyst Repository Systems. While there, he consulted with strategic clients on the defensible use of technology assisted review (TAR), advanced analytics, and custom workflows to handle large scale litigations and investigations. In his last three years at Catalyst, he oversaw or worked on more than 200 TAR cases. In each of those cases, the final result was accepted without challenge by the receiving party, court, or investigating agency. His work at Catalyst also included internal research and development, as well as participation in information retrieval research conducted through NIST’s Text Retrieval Conference (“TREC”).

Before Catalyst, Mr. Noel was a director in FTI Consulting’s technology practice, co-founded an electronic discovery software startup, and was a litigation associate with Latham & Watkins LLP in Washington, DC and New York, NY. His law practice focused on intellectual property litigation and counseling — principally patent litigation. His responsibilities included arguing summary judgment motions, taking depositions, working with expert witnesses, drafting motions and pleadings, and coordinating all phases of discovery, including collections, document review, and production.

Prior to law school, Mr. Noel spent seven years working for several research groups at Dartmouth College, including the Interactive Media Laboratory and the Institute for Security Technology Studies. His work focused on how technology can be used to help people learn complex and subtle professional tasks, and included developing new network-based multimedia simulation and training systems for various military and civilian agencies.

Mr. Noel graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin Law School. He also earned a degree in physics and minors in social and organizational psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology while working full time as a Deputy Sheriff for Cobb County, Georgia. He has published peer-reviewed research in the field of cognitive psychology. Mr. Noel has co-authored two books on technology assisted review, has testified in federal district court as an expert on TAR, and frequently writes and speaks on legal technology issues.


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