Spencer C. Lynch

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Spencer C. Lynch is the Managing Director for Stroz Friedberg’s London office, and also manages the technical operations of the office’s digital forensic laboratory. In addition, he maintains an active case load of digital forensics and eDisclosure cases, and is involved in Stroz Friedberg’s efforts to develop custom software for digital forensic analysis and to automate and improve eDisclosure processing. Mr. Lynch has been accepted as an expert witness in digital forensics by multiple United States District Courts and the High Court of Justice (England & Wales).

Mr. Lynch has performed preservation and analysis of hundreds of digital devices. His analysis has resolved questions about document authenticity, accesses of inappropriate material, recovery of deleted files and destruction of electronic evidence, among other topics. In addition, Mr. Lynch has experience of reviewing network and server log files in cases of compromised systems and networks and data losses to determine the source of compromise and the scope of data impacted. He has also analysed multiple relational databases and produced reports based on those analyses.

Among Mr. Lynch’s notable casework is his analysis and testimony in December 2010 in United States v. Aleynikov, a criminal prosecution for the theft of trade secrets. As one of the government’s main expert witnesses, Mr. Lynch’s testimony was critical in establishing the process by which the defendant transferred source code and documents from his former employer to his own computers, manipulated that data, and ultimately provided a portion of the stolen source code to his prospective employer.

In another case, Mr. Lynch recovered and decoded email data from an obsolete email system, a task described by the opposing computer expert as impossible.

Prior to joining Stroz Friedberg, Mr. Lynch worked for Ernst & Young in its Fraud Investigative and Dispute Services division. While there, he supervised digital forensic collections, participated in data mining efforts, and worked on the implementation of a hosted eDisclsoure review platform. Mr. Lynch also built custom digital forensic tools for recovering otherwise inaccessible files.

Mr. Lynch has extensive experience using leading digital forensic and eDisclosure tools, including EnCase, FTK, dcfldd, ImageMASSter devices, numerous eDisclsoure review platforms, and a variety of SQL database engines.

He is a graduate of Duke University, in North Carolina, USA, from which he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Public Policy with a minor in Psychology. Mr. Lynch is an EnCase Certified Examiner.


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