Jibran Ilyas

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Jibran Ilyas is a Managing Director in the Stroz Friedberg Incident Response practice. Mr. Ilyas brings over 10 years of experience in the field of Information Security, with 7 years specializing in the areas of incident response, digital forensics and threat intelligence. Today, he continues to contribute to the development of policies and procedures for innovation in incident response methodology and threat intelligence initiatives. He serves as one of the firm’s investigative leads for high profile data breaches, and in turn, leverages this knowledge to the benefit of organizations seeking proactive risk assessments.

Prior to joining Stroz Friedberg, Mr. Ilyas investigated some of the world’s largest breaches in the financial, technology and defense sectors. This included working closely with law enforcement agencies to track and ultimately arrest major threat actor groups. During his time with Halock Security Labs, he served as the Incident Response and Forensics Team Lead, responsible for managing significant data breaches involving complex Advanced Persistent Threat actors. In this role, he also directed Advanced Malware Threat Assessments for principal clients. To that end, Mr. Ilyas successfully implemented innovations to the security architecture and internal security operations center, and devised enhanced incident response policies and strategies in order to better combat the challenges of modern day threats.

As a Senior Forensic Investigator at Trustwave SpiderLabs, he oversaw several prominent franchise data breaches. Notably, Mr. Ilyas co-authored Trustwave’s annual Global Security Intelligence Reports from 2011 to 2013, which provided insights to some of the most critical and emerging security threats to organizations around the world. And in 2008, he was respectfully credited with being the first researcher to publish a whitepaper on memory dumping malware and its connection to large scale breaches in the retail industry. Visa Inc. soon thereafter issued Mr. Ilyas’ findings in a two-page “Visa Data Security Alert.”

As a thought leader throughout the years, Mr. Ilyas presented on the topics of computer forensics and cybercrime at several global security conferences including DEFCON, Black Hat, Microsoft Digital Crimes Conference, SecTor and SOURCE Barcelona. His informative research has been featured by numerous news organizations including Dark Reading, Infoworld, Threatpost, IT World, and SearchSecurity. Furthermore, he has conducted forensics training and developed a related program syllabus for United States Secret Service (USSS).


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Stroz Friedberg

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