Jerod Alexander

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Jerod Alexander is the Director in Stroz Friedberg’s Seattle, Washington, office. In his role, Mr. Alexander is responsible for providing immediate response for network and data breach incidents, performs digital forensic collections and analysis of all types of digital media including but not limited to laptops, desktops, servers, triage-data, and smart phones. His case work includes incident response efforts, civil litigations, criminal matters, regulatory investigations, and internal investigations. He has 14 years of experience in the field of digital forensics, eDiscovery, and incident response.

For a large banking customer, Mr. Alexander led a team of incident responders and forensic analysts to assist with the investigation of servers that were compromised with a previously unknown vulnerability, and led the twice daily update calls to the key stakeholders in the organization.

In one international engagement, Mr. Alexander searched more than 2000 computers worldwide for source code in what is believed to have been the largest enterprise-wide forensic project at that time. In another matter, he led a four-person team on a 34 terabyte digital forensic imaging project that included more than 350 hard drives and six servers over three separate geographical locations, completing the undertaking in 6.5 days.

In another significant case, Mr. Alexander wrote a custom program to extract data from Microsoft SharePoint 2003 backups.
No other forensic tool supported automated extraction of data from this particular kind of backup, and his solution resulted in the ability for the client to produce a terabyte of de-duplicated documents by their court ordered deadline.

Mr. Alexander has participated in multiple large scale data breach investigations, managing the collection of hundreds of pieces of evidence, and contributed to the analysis and searching of that evidence with a focus on identifying initial infection vectors, attackers’ lateral movement on the network, and exfiltrated data.

Prior to joining Stroz Friedberg, Mr. Alexander was a senior forensics consultant at Discover-e-Legal where he was responsible for leading digital forensic examinations and data collections, as well as researching and testing forensic tools. Mr. Alexander was also responsible for project management and interfacing with clients regarding project scope, needs, logistical planning, and quotes for time and cost involved. In addition, he has testified in court as an expert and given presentations to the legal community about computer forensics.

As an information security specialist for Portland State University, Mr. Alexander handled complaints of digital copyright violations by tracking down and investigating the accused parties and their computers in order to bring the University back into legal compliance. Additional duties included removing malware and viruses from student and faculty machines to help maintain a healthy network.
Before joining the security team, Mr. Alexander was the coordinator for the Labs and Classrooms team at Portland State University, where he managed the support, security, and roll-out of the hardware and software for more than 500 machines around campus.

Mr. Alexander received a B.S. in Computer Science from Portland State University. He holds the EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Certified Computer Examiner (CCE), several SANS GIAC certifications including GCFE, GCFE, and GNFA, and is a member of the High Tech Crime Consortium.

Stroz Friedberg

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