David P. Dobkin, Ph.D.

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Professor David Dobkin joined the Princeton University faculty in 1981, and has served as Chair of the Computer Science Department (1994-2003) and as the Dean of the Faculty (2003-2014). In 1998, David was the first faculty member named to the Phillip Goldman ’86 Professorship in Computer Science, a professorship created through a gift from David’s former student and WebTV Networks founder Phillip Goldman. David has served as the principal advisor for 17 Ph.D. students, and he has advised numerous undergraduate projects and theses in all areas of computer science. Prior to Princeton, he taught at Yale University and the University of Arizona.

David’s expertise includes data security, algorithms (geometric, algebraic, and arithmetic), software engineering, and mobile/ubiquitous computing. He also has worked on computer graphics on numerous levels—from user interface design to visualization to 3D modeling—and his research focuses on the interface between computational geometry and computer graphics. His interests and teaching also include the social implications of internet technology.

David has published numerous articles, as well as two books. He has served on the executive committees of two National Science Foundation Centers of Excellence as well as the editorial boards of several professional journals, and has provided expert testimony in federal court.

David has been an adviser and visiting researcher at companies such as AT&T Research, BellCore, Bell Labs, Digital Equipment and Xerox. In addition, he serves as a consultant to Two Sigma and has served as an advisor to the governments of Denmark, Israel, and Singapore.

Honors & Distinctions

  • Fullbright Fellow, 2000
  • Fellow, Association for Computing Machinery, 1997
  • Teaching Award, Princeton University Engineering Council, Fall 1991
  • Guggenheim Fellow, 1988 – 1989

Selected Publications

  • “Learning How to Match Fresco Fragments.” T. Funkhouser, H. Shin, C. Toler-Franklin, A. García Castañeda, B. Brown, D. Dobkin, S. Rusinkiewicz, and T. Weyrich. Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage 4(2), 2011. doi:10.1145/2037820.2037824
  • “A Search Engine for 3D Models.” T. Funkhouser, P. Min, M. Kazhdan, J. Chen, A. Halderman, D. Dobkin, and D. Jacobs. ACM Transactions on Graphics 22(1):83-105, 2003.
  • “Multiresolution Mesh Morphing.” W. Lee, D. Dobkin, W. Sweldens, and P. Schröder. In Proc. 26th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH’99), August 1999.
  • “Computer Graphics.” D. Dobkin and S. Teller. In CRC Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry. Edited by Eli Goodman and Joseph O’Rourke. CRC Press, 1997 (1st edition), 2004 (2nd edition), 2016 (3rd edition, to appear).
  • “Computing the Discrepancy with Applications to Supersampling Patterns.” D. Dobkin, D. Eppstein, and D. Mitchell. ACM Transactions on Graphics 15(4):354-376, 1996.
  • “The Quickhull Algorithm for Convex Hulls.” B. Barber, D. Dobkin, and H. Huhdanpaa. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software 22(4):469-483, 1996.
  • “Computational Geometry and Computer Graphics.” Proceedings of the IEEE invited paper, 80(9):1400-1411, 1992.
  • “Computational Geometry in a Curved World.” D. P. Dobkin and D. L. Souvaine. Algorithmica 5(3):421-457, 1990.
  • Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics 29. Edited by R. A. DeMillo, G. Davida, D. Dobkin, M. Harrison, and R. Lipton. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society, 1983.
  • “Secure Data Bases: Protection against User Inference.” D. Dobkin, A. Jones, and R. J. Lipton. ACM Transactions on Data Base Systems 4(1):97-106, 1979.
  • Foundations of Secure Computation. Edited by R. DeMillo, R. Lipton, D. Dobkin, and A. Jones. Orlando, FL: Academic Press, 1978.

Selected Patents

  • Inventor of U.S. Patent 6,285,372, “Multiresolution Adaptive Parameterization of Surfaces.” Issued September 4, 2001.



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