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Resilient companies are lining up their resources. Are you ready?

When serious cybersecurity incidents occur, highly specialized security consulting and support is frequently required. Putting experts on retainer to help respond to cyber incidents is an important element of a proactive information security strategy. However in the midst of a crisis companies can’t afford to lose time evaluating and contracting with a response firm. Having corporate security experts on retainer offers peace of mind.

Stroz Friedberg’s independent team of business and technical incident response specialists is available 24 x 7 with highly tailored threat intelligence, leading proprietary tools, commercial security technology products and the right combination of skills to handle all the implications of any cyber incident, swiftly, efficiently and completely.

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Why Stroz Friedberg at your side?

Customized, flexible and cost-effective.

We eliminate the potential hassle of negotiating a contract mid-crisis by tailoring service level agreements, terms and conditions and a single, blended rate for the services you need in the event of a suspected or confirmed security incident. If you don’t experience a breach or you want to use your retainer for other purposes, Stroz Friedberg allows you the flexibility to apply the hours in your retainer to many of our risk management and cyber resilience services.

In direct, head-to-head comparisons, Stroz Friedberg tops the competition.

On multiple occasions, Stroz Friedberg and a competitor have been called in to respond to the same incident. Clients have repeatedly found that Stroz Friedberg got to answers and produced meaningful results faster and more efficiently than other enterprise security firms.

Our only mission is to maximize cyber resilience.

Unlike our competitors, Stroz Friedberg isn’t pushing security hardware, software, or threat intel (or audits or internet connections). We partner with our clients to detect and respond to incidents, provide confidence that breaches are addressed and that appropriate measures are taken and security policies in place to prevent reoccurrence. We are independent and vendor agnostic, which means we can always choose the right combination of proprietary tools and licensed commercial products to rapidly identify and contain a compromise to minimize data loss and restore operations.

Multidisciplinary teams cover all the bases.

Satisfying C-suite and board stakeholders while interfacing with lawyers, regulators and law enforcement requires an array of skills that is difficult to assemble. Stroz Friedberg’s team includes former law enforcement, intelligence agents, prosecutors, regulators and business leaders with years of experience explaining the “so what’s” of cyber incidents to senior leaders and directors. And our engagement managers – the single point of contact between Stroz Friedberg and its clients – make it simple to access the right talent at the right time.


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