Tackle cross-border data challenges

Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world

Global organizations are constantly confronted with litigation that requires extensive disclosure while facing ever more stringent penalties for mishandling or exposing private data. These companies must be able to reliably and securely process, host, and produce massive volumes of data and satisfy a litany of local privacy laws, regulatory and security obligations, and cultural norms. To overcome the cross-border data challenge and minimize the associated risks, companies need trusted partners that can deploy onsite eDiscovery solutions that integrate seamlessly with regional and global platforms.


Stroz Friedberg’s renowned data collection teams can be deployed quickly to virtually any global location. Our experts can preserve multiple terabytes of electronically stored information (ESI) from computer workstations, servers, enterprise databases, mainframes, backup tapes, legacy and removable media, and handheld devices. And our systems have been set up in such a way as to help ensure compliance with host-country data handling and data privacy regulations.

Worldwide we have 12 cutting-edge forensics laboratories and four secure eDiscovery Data centers (our data centers are SSAE16 certified) where our examiners identify, preserve, and collect relevant data to provide definitive, fact-based conclusions for our clients, their counsel, opposing counsel, and the courts. Our eDiscovery centers in Zurich, London, New York City, and Hawthorne, NY provide seamless and secure project collaboration and cross-border data migration.

For multi-national clients that require in-country processing, we have a fully provisioned, proprietary mobile processing unitNOMAD—ready for deployment anywhere in the world. NOMAD gives clients end-to-end onsite eDiscovery capability. We custom-build every NOMAD unit to provide mobility, flexibility, and a local solution for managing data privacy and security by always adhering to best practices in business processes and data transfer. In critical regulatory, enforcement, and litigation events, NOMAD can help clients speed the in-country disclosure process, control costs, and ensure effective and defensible results.


Our capabilities include:

  • eDiscovery Strategy
  • Data Preservation Implementation
  • Documentation Authentication
  • Digital Forensic Processes
  • Proprietary Technologies (Raven, NOMAD, Privilege Analytics)



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Stroz Friedberg

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