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Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world

After a hack, breach or other cyber incident occurs, lawsuits typically follow. Organizations want to take legal action against the perpetrators of cyber crimes; more often, they must defend themselves against allegations related to the handling of customer data or other sensitive information. Either way, litigation can require expert testimony from independent witnesses with relevant experience and credentials.


At Stroz Friedberg, our expert witnesses are worldwide leaders in the areas of cybercrime and digital forensics. We are credentialed, published, and certified in our areas of expertise, and have years of experience pursuing the most complex and challenging work in our fields. We have served as expert witnesses in successful cases working alongside the best attorneys in the business who have convincingly backed up their arguments with our findings.

We deliver case-winning expert testimony and stand up to cross-examination by the toughest opposing attorneys. Many of our staff have been accepted as experts in courts around the world and in international arbitration, and in the United States have also testified in criminal grand juries. We can also act as the court’s independent expert in forensic investigations and electronic discovery matters.


Our capabilities include:

  • Independent and Court-Appointed Forensic Examinations
  • Forensic Data Preservation
  • Uncover Computer-Enabled Theft, Leaks of Confidential Business Information or Intellectual Property
  • Enterprise Database Forensics
  • Mobile Device and Mobile Phone Forensics
  • Social Networking Forensics
  • Cloud-based Forensic Preservation and Analysis
  • Virtual Currency Forensics
  • Pursue or Defend against Claims of Spoliation
  • Reversing Malicious Code and Botnet
  • Mass Deletions, Targeted Deletions and Wiping of Computerized Data
  • E-forgery Analysis
  • Complex Electronic Discovery Consulting
  • Technical Assessment of Systems and Risk Compliance Analysis
  • Regulatory Compliance Consulting and Assessments
  • Consulting Services and Technical Analysis Related to Internet Gambling Regulation Compliance



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Stroz Friedberg

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