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Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world


Whether an organization is dealing with patent infringement of a new technology, a copyright claim, trade secret misappropriation, or the security implications of a breach where theft of a proprietary idea was the goal, expert testimony plays a crucial role in any intellectual property (IP) case involving technical or scientific evidence. Independent and court-appointed experts with relevant experience and credentials serve as the essential link between the scientific world, an organization’s legal strategy, and the decision-makers – the judge or jury.


At Stroz Friedberg, our expert witnesses are worldwide leaders in a range of IP-related specialties, including computer software code comparison and review, computer hardware, telecommunications, data science, computer security, and digital forensics. They are credentialed and published in their respective subject matters and have years of experience pursuing the most complex and challenging work in their fields. They are readily able to testify on issues related to highly specialized matters of all kinds.

Our expert witnesses consistently deliver case-winning testimonies working alongside the best attorneys in business, who have convincingly backed up their arguments with our findings. In spite of being deposed and cross-examined by tough opposing attorneys, our experts have never lost a challenge on our qualifications. Our track record is attributable to the rigor and ethics to which our expert witnesses subscribe. They write their own reports and only present findings rooted in science and fact.

We have been accepted as experts in federal and state courts in the United States, before the International Trade Commission, the Patent Trial and Appeals Board, in tax court, at arbitration, and in reports to numerous government agencies including the FCC, DOJ, and FTC. We have also acted as court-appointed independent experts.


Our capabilities include:

  • Provide expert testimony in computer software, electrical engineering, telecommunications, data science, and forensics
  • Provide experts who meet POSITA requirements
  • Serve as court-appointed neutral experts


Stroz Friedberg

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