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Security vulnerabilities that are uncovered during an assessment can originate from a variety of sources – IT network misconfigurations or flaws, connectivity to devices and servers by external parties, malicious insiders, or even simple non-compliance with an organization’s security policies, to name a few. These security vulnerabilities often requires focused attention and specialized skills. While some organizations have the breadth and depth of resources to remediate on their own, others require outside help to develop, implement or oversee their plans.


Stroz Friedberg’s capabilities don’t end when we deliver our assessment and develop a prioritized remediation plan. We can work with security and IT to develop and implement a holistic cyber resilience program.

We guide organizations through implementation and help continuously improve their defenses. Whether it’s managing a multi-vendor remediation program, selecting and integrating a new hardware or software solution, merging two organizations’ security systems post-acquisition, optimizing configurations, or patching a firewall, our security scientists are ready to help companies quickly and effectively remediate identified security vulnerabilities and achieve higher levels of resilience.

We can also act as an independent advisor to the board, helping boards and management align around critical priorities, delivering straightforward assessments of the remediation process and reporting on the status of remediation activities. Most importantly, we are able to regularly test the results of the recommendations and confirm the improvements in risk reduction.

With guidance from Stroz Friedberg’s security scientists, companies can significantly reduce security vulnerabilities, maximize their defenses against future attacks, and improve overall resilience.


Our capabilities include:

  • Implementation of a Comprehensive Risk-Based Remediation Strategy
  • Management of Entire Lifecycle of a New Security Solution Integration
  • Technology Integration
  • Vendor and Solution Assessment and Selection
  • Return on Investment (ROI) or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Study

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