Preserve, recover, and remediate digital assets

Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world

Whether confidential data is stolen, unauthorized data is introduced into your organization’s systems, or an electronic crime of any other kind is perpetrated against your company, there is a trail of evidence that must be uncovered and understood to stop the incident from progressing further, support an investigation, move forward with litigation, and ultimately bring the actors to justice.


Our expert digital forensics teams engage in response and containment efforts until all relevant evidence from technologies known, or suspected to have been used, is gathered and understood. We apply renowned skills, knowledge, and experience during forensic examinations, resulting in minimal impact on the memory of a computer or device – all of Stroz Friedberg’s forensic processes comply, at a minimum, with industry best practice.

Once a threat is contained and eliminated, we help companies go after bad actors, defend against future attacks and enhance overall security to prevent similar problems from recurring.

We maintain 12 cutting-edge digital forensics laboratories worldwide where we provide computer and digital evidence preservation, examination, recovery, analysis and consultation services. We are credentialed and published thought leaders in network, database, mobile device and other digital forensics across Windows, Mac, and Linux environments; malicious code and other forms of malware; computer fraud and abuse; and data discovery, analytics, and disclosure.

We use our proprietary tools for automated forensic analysis, such as RavenTM, which allows us to efficiently analyze large volumes of files from thousands of computers in multiple countries. We also use a combination of commercial, third-party and open source tools to analyze systems and find relevant artifacts to validate the results of our investigations.

We have strict and rigorous controls over the handling and preservation of digital evidence, including chain of custody policies that are similar in standard to the world’s top law enforcement agencies. We are uniquely capable of ensuring an investigation complies with civil, criminal, and regulatory obligations and preserve all evidence to ensure it stands up in court. As a result, evidence collected by Stroz Friedberg has never been deemed inadmissible. Our skilled computer scientists and forensic examiners also frequently serve as expert witnesses, consistently backing up their findings in court, and often providing case-making testimony for our clients.


Our capabilities include:

  • Forensic Data Preservation
  • Uncovering Computer-Enabled Theft, Leaks of Confidential Business Information or Intellectual Property
  • Neutral and Court-Appointed Forensic Examinations
  • Enterprise Database Forensics
  • Mobile Device and Mobile Phone Forensics
  • Social Networking Forensics
  • Cloud-based Forensic Preservation and Analysis
  • Virtual Currency Forensics
  • Pursue or Defend Against Claims of Spoliation
  • Mass Deletions, Targeted Deletions, Wiping of Computerized Data Investigation
  • E-forgery Analysis
  • Complex eDiscovery Consulting
  • Expert Testimony related to any of the above listed services



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Stroz Friedberg

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