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Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world

A cybersecurity crisis can strike a company at any time – malicious insiders, organized hacking groups and state-sponsored adversaries persistently try to breach computer networks and systems all over the world. It only takes one successful attack to devastate a company’s financial performance, brand, and reputation.

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It is increasingly important that companies plan for an attack and test the response team with training exercises or simulations; adequate preparation and an effective cybersecurity strategy and response plan are often the difference between experiencing a cyber incident as a minor disruption and sustaining significant and lasting damage.

Stroz Friedberg’s teams perform incident response readiness assessments to help a company prepare for the inevitable. We study an organization’s existing response plan, test its effectiveness by simulating a relevant threat scenario and guide the organization through each phase of an attack from preparation to containment. And we don’t just provide a checklist of recommendations on how to strengthen a company’s security posture – we help prioritize risk, and implement and execute a coherent cybersecurity strategy.

Our multidisciplinary teams work directly with the board of directors to provide strategic recommendations to assist boards in preparing for and managing an incident, and to raise the awareness of current industry trends and company-specific incident readiness and capabilities. We also help technology leadership communicate with confidence, both internally to senior executives and members of the board, and externally to customers, outside counsel, regulators and law enforcement.


Our capabilities include:



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