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You need expert witness testimony from experienced litigation consultants who specialize in technology.

Expert testimony plays a crucial role in any intellectual property case. Whether an organization is dealing with patent infringement, a copyright claim, trade secret misappropriation, or improving security to prevent IP theft, our consultants and external experts can help. You need experts that come from a variety of fields and that can bring the relevant experience and credentials to explain difficult technical concepts to a judge and jury.


Stroz Friedberg has in-house testifiers with deep intellectual property experience and expertise. We also have access to a network of outside testifiers.

Our intellectual property testifiers have served as expert witnesses at arbitrations and the International Trade Commission (ITC), before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and government panels, and in federal district courts across the nation. Our experts have backgrounds in software programming, source code comparison, computer security, computer forensics, and electrical engineering.

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Our testifiers are not just experts in their fields—they are experienced litigation consultants who know that compelling legal arguments in technology cases start with understanding the technology itself.

Our experts also understand the importance of claim construction in patent litigation, the intricacies involved in identifying trade secret misappropriation, and the breadth and urgency of computer security and forensic investigations.

Our testifying experts are supported by our team of experienced consultants.

To provide excellent service to our clients, we typically support a testifying expert (whether one of our own experts, or a collaborating outside expert) with an experienced consulting team. This pairing benefits clients in several ways: it produces faster results, enables experts to cope gracefully with unexpected deadlines, and allows basic research progress and communication to continue even when the expert is not available. Our approach also reduces costs: a consulting team, billing at a lower rate than a testifying expert, can efficiently conduct background research and carry out preliminary analysis under an expert’s supervision.

The breadth of our testifiers’ skill and experience is impressive. If your matter requires a unique set of qualifications that we cannot service in-house, we can likely point you in the right direction within our network of external collaborating experts.

Selected offerings

  • Expert reports
  • Testimony – trial, arbitration, deposition
  • Technical tutorials
  • Demonstratives
  • Patent infringement & validity options
  • Trade secret designation, misappropriation opinions
  • Copyright infringement opinions
  • External expert support
  • Markman advice
  • FRAND analysis

Selected technical expertise

  • Databases
  • Operating systems
  • Electrical engineering
  • Networking & wireless
  • Large-scale data analysis
  • Internet/Web
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Computer architecture
  • GPS
  • Television
  • Circuit & chip design
  • Signal processing
  • Graphics & video
  • Audiovisual compression
  • Digital rights management (DRM)
  • Electronic voting systems
  • LTE/3GPP standards

Selected industry expertise

  • Smartphones
  • Computer software
  • Computer hardware
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Robotics
  • Government
  • Health care
  • Entertainment
  • Financial services
  • Aerospace
  • Energy

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