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Cyber risks come not only from threat actors external to your company but also from those within your environment. Organizations face increasingly complex insider threat from employees, former employees, and authorized third parties who have the advantage of operating within the company’s perimeter. Whether senior or junior, malicious or inadvertent, insiders can compromise confidential data, trade secrets and even employee safety. These risks must be approached with constant vigilance, attention, and preparedness to limit exposure.


Our teams have the expertise and proprietary tools to assess risk from within an organization and help design a comprehensive insider risk program that goes beyond traditional data loss prevention tactics. Our approach is anchored in a unique ability to identify and defuse a range of at-risk insiders before they act.

The Stroz Friedberg insider threat program empowers a multi-disciplinary team of individuals to detect, respond to, and recover from insider risk. Stroz Friedberg works with company leadership to:

  • Identify executives and staff members who should be on the Insider Threat Review Team;
  • Establish a process to regularly review technical and nontechnical threat indicators, and determine when a threat requires team attention;
  • Educate the team to understand the signs of risk; evaluate the progression of these indicators; and respond in ways that do not inadvertently inflame the situation;
  • Fine-tune policies to set the stage for a healthy workplace.

SCOUT™ Technology

Our proprietary insider risk technology, SCOUT™, uses a behavioral algorithm to uncover risk factors – shifts in attitude and behavior – within employee communications to help companies better detect, assess and strategically respond to insider risks.

By analyzing a subject’s language, SCOUT™ provides a way to assist in measuring changes in emotion, attitude, and personality over time, with an emphasis on detecting disgruntled and at-risk insiders. SCOUT™ provides insight into an individual’s emotional and psychological state and his or her decision-making characteristics. Telling signs of insider risk come to light as the tool follows a critical pathway involving the intersection of multiple forces, such as personal predispositions, unmet expectations, personal and professional stressors, and troubling behaviors that escalate the risk of an incident.

SCOUT™ assists in calculating the likelihood of an employee “going rogue”, by enabling our team to analyze and predict the potential severity of the act. Stroz Friedberg also employs forensic psychologists who are trained in the science of language and provide a complementary service to supplement SCOUT™’s analysis. When an individual is identified as being “at-risk”, our clinicians review the analysis and offer insight into how to handle the case. SCOUT™ allows businesses to move from a reactive mitigation strategy to proactive prevention through science.

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Our capabilities include:

  • Insider Risk Assessment
  • Insider Risk Program Design
  • SCOUT™ Technology
  • Physical Security Risk Assessment



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