Webinar recording: 30-minute TECH Talks | How secure are your wearable devices?

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“Twice as many employee-owned devices will be used for work than enterprise-owned devices by 2018”, according to Gartner.

With the adoption of wearables on the rise, organizations and individuals need to consider the associated data privacy and security risks they pose.

Our latest 30-minute TECH Talk – “How secure are your wearable devices?” examined the potential cybersecurity implications of wearable technology, techniques that can be used by an attacker to gain access to these devices and how organizations and individuals can ensure they are taking the appropriate steps to protect themselves and their data.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What personally identifiable information (PII) data can wearable devices store and how is it secured?
  • What are the implications should these devices be discarded, lost or stolen?
  • How can an attacker gain additional system access to a device?
  • How can you protect the data in wearable devices?

Who should attend:

  • Information security professionals
  • Risk, compliance and audit professionals

About the series:

This monthly series will feature brief 30-minute downloadable discussions with cybersecurity experts who will present different technical testing solutions and provide actionable ways for organisations to proactively sharpen their cyber defences.

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