Webinar recording: 30-minute TECH Talk: Bug Bounty programs

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Bug Bounty Programs – compensating a researcher who has found a “bug” in a company’s system – can be very effective at mitigating cybersecurity risk.

These programs have quickly become a core part of the mature, secure development lifecycle initiative; and successful common practice with companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft. However, inviting hacking or any form of sanctioned attacks into an organization to uncover security flaws, comes with risks. Bug Bounty Programs must be carefully, designed, implemented and managed to avoid these potential risks and to make sure they are ‘successful’.

This TECH Talk examines how to get started in implementing a successful and effective Bug Bounty program to achieve your company’s vulnerability hunting goals.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Learn about the different types of Bug Bounty programs, who should consider using one and when/how to start
  • Understand the risks associated & how to effectively manage them
  • Learn the key considerations to ensuring the program is effective and meets the program expectations

Who should attend:

  • Information security professionals
  • Risk, compliance and audit professionals

We have collected and summarized some of the top questions we received from this webinar. Read our TECH Talk Q&A > Bug Bounty Programs here.

About this series:

Stay on top of your proactive cybersecurity defences with our 30-minute TECH Talk webinar series. This monthly series will feature brief 30-minute discussions with cybersecurity experts who will present different technical testing solutions and provide actionable ways for organizations to proactively sharpen their cyber defences.



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