Webinar: Are you ready? – Assess & Test

Are you ready?

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Webinar: Are you ready? – Assess & Test

Are you ready?

Watch the second webinar in our series: Are You Ready?

Cyber is an enterprise risk.

Criminals are constantly working to exploit the interdependency of physical and electronic security devices. Social engineering techniques increasingly achieve access despite an otherwise robust perimeter defense. Real-world stress testing and analysis of security defenses and applications is needed to assess readiness, uncover vulnerabilities, and develop a plan to remediate and achieve resilience.

During this webinar recording, detailed actions and real-world cases are presented as you learn how to:

  • Identify and mitigate the vulnerabilities of custom, or off-the-shelf, applications running over your networks
  • Assess readiness to meet regulatory compliance and privacy requirements
  • Test for vulnerabilities to advanced social engineering techniques, such as phishing or baiting, that target the human element
  • Perform “black box” application testing to identify vulnerabilities within source code, a key access point for criminals
  • Determine whether penetration testing or red team testing is best for your organization

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