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Chapin Bryce

Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world

I joined Stroz Friedberg as a Cyber Summer Associate while studying Computer and Digital Forensics at Champlain College. After graduation I stepped into a full-time role in the Cyber Associate Program, spending nine months across the three main cyber business groups. The daily collaboration and combined experience of the team was a big reason for why I joined the firm.

Throughout the rotations as a Cyber Associate, there was great variation in the case work and other projects. This variety allowed for me to dive into many different problems and situations, and it is still one of my favorite aspects of the work.

I started my rotations with Security Science, a team that focuses on proactively assessing environments to reduce risk to the network and other valuable resources. Joining the team for on-site visits, in client calls, and assisting in report writing was excellent experience for my first rotation. While in most assessments we evaluated the security for the network and machines, one assessment focused on determining if a sweepstakes game was cheatable.

These experiences prepared me for my rotation with Incident Response, where we assisted clients in understanding the circumstances of an event within their environment. Performing analysis of data from small server closets to large data centers, I worked with the team to evaluate various, and sometimes obscure, systems and gather insight as to what had happened.

My last rotation, and final placement, was Digital Forensics. Though casework entailed several departed employee reviews, where we investigated former employees who may have brought sensitive data to their new company, almost all of them worked with legal teams to provide better insight about the digital evidence involved in the investigation. More recently I have transitioned to working on intellectual property infringement cases and review of copyrighted material in the form of source code and proprietary software.

Between client projects, I co-authored a book with my colleague titled “Learning Python for Forensics”. It involved a lot of nights and weekends, but we received great support from our team in the lab.

My advice for future Cyber Associates: come in with an open mind and ask many questions – we all enjoy working through puzzles and helping each other to solve them. Having a class of Cyber Associates is a great resource, together you will be able to grow into a strong team of consultants.


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