Case Study

Threatening letter author identified and neutralized

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Stroz Friedberg Investigations (SFI) was engaged to identify the unknown author of six libelous letters that were sent through the U.S. mail to various executives at a major law firm. At least one of the letters had been mailed to an outside firm as well. Initially, SFI reviewed the contents of the letters, preserving the originals for latent fingerprint examination, and conducted an internal investigation with the firm’s senior management. We then developed a list of five current and former employees of interest to the investigation.

SFI interviewed a number of current and former employees of the firm for informational purposes and then analyzed the emails of the employees of interest as part of its investigation to identify the author of the anonymous letters. During the review, SFI found several noteworthy emails that indicated that a former employee of the firm had an extreme dislike for a certain department head. The emails further revealed that the former employee had non-public knowledge of a current medical condition of the target of the emails. Using patented software, WarmTouch, which is available exclusively at Stroz Friedberg, SFI was able to assess the intentions, personality characteristics, psychological state, decision-making preferences, and risk posed by the author, based on the electronic communications. This investigation of the suspected author enabled us to determine the threat level to the target. Upon conclusion of the threat assessment, SFI interviewed the former employee, who provided a full admission to SFI, including her explanation for sending the anonymous letters. SFI’s evaluation of the author determined that the target of the letters was not in any physical danger. The author of the anonymous letters agreed to cease sending any further correspondence to the target and, as of today, has kept to her agreement.



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