Case Study

Stroz database expertise helps international firm successfully comply with challenging subpoena demand

Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world

An international insurance company received a criminal grand jury subpoena in connection with a type of investment contract that the company had sold to institutional clients. The government requested that the company produce its entire database relating to those contracts. The company was stunned by this mammoth request and sought Stroz Friedberg’s assistance in fashioning a defensible response.

The key was to help the company manage the government’s expectations. Stroz Friedberg’s engagement manager was able to do this expertly, explaining to the government that a complete copy of the proprietary database would not open and could not run on the government’s computer systems nor indeed on any system other than an exact replica of the company’s. After convincing the government of this fact, Stroz Friedberg presented an acceptable methodology, whereby it would educate the government on the database’s schema and reporting capabilities and then run reports as the government so desired. To do this, Stroz Friedberg itself had to learn the database structure in order to make accurate and complete representations. With this methodology in place, Stroz Friedberg became the interface between the government’s requests for various reports and the company’s production of those reports. As a result of Stroz Friedberg’s critical advice and role in this matter, compliance with the subpoenas was achieved, counsel was able to avoid the technical quagmires, and the company averted a potential crisis in the government’s confidence, a situation that can often cast a pall of suspicion over an otherwise cooperative party.



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