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Providing “insurance” for a global insurance company

Stroz Friedberg is a specialized risk management firm built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected, and regulated business world

A global insurance company under regulatory investigation turned to Stroz Friedberg to help manage its eDiscovery risks. We helped guide the company in its response to wide-ranging subpoenas and regulatory requests. We also aided them in addressing enormous issues that rose in the aftermath of the investigation.

First, Stroz Friedberg helped the company comply with a criminal grand jury subpoena regarding certain investment contracts the company sold. The investigating agency had requested the production of an entire database relating to those contracts – a huge undertaking. In response, we assisted the insurance company in fashioning a defensible response. Furthermore, we explained to the investigating agency as to why the production of the entire database was unfeasible and unnecessary. Stroz Friedberg then constructed a more limited production methodology for our client. By learning their database structure, we were able to execute queries and reports which allowed the insurance company to comply with the subpoena and overall, provide full cooperation to the government in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Second, we helped the company handle the numerous eDiscovery risks that came as a consequence of the regulatory investigation—that is, the sweeping litigation holds which forced the company to accumulate and maintain tremendous stockpiles of costly data. Stroz Friedberg assisted in lifting the litigation holds and even obtained approval from the regulatory agency to stop retaining unneeded excess data, resulting in an estimated cost savings of over $15 million dollars per years. Afterward, we assisted the company in redesigning and implementing new litigation hold and records retention policies and procedures.

Third, Stroz Friedberg provided its strategic consultation and services to ensure that our client’s future eDiscovery endeavors were both technically and legally sound. In concert with the insurance company’s technicians, our experts helped design and implement data collection processes, inclusive of both methodologies and tools. Furthermore, we advised the legal department on how to ensure the consistency of eDiscovery positions in litigation, in particular, maintaining constant positions regarding the burden of producing data from inaccessible data sources. Our client also employed the use of Stroz Review, our proprietary hosting and review platform, which enabled them to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their eDiscovery. In the end, our combined services and advanced search and production tools provided our client with greater confidence in its eDiscovery processes, reduced the risk of errors, and helped institute defensible processes and procedures.

Finally, Stroz Friedberg stood behind its advice and its client by serving as affiants and deposition witnesses in multiple matters. Through this work, we effectively defended the insurance company’s eDiscovery positions and helped them achieve positive eDiscovery results and avoid unnecessary costs.



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