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Monitoring Bernard Madoff

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Pursuant to a bail stipulation agreement, Stroz Friedberg Investigations (SFI) was engaged to monitor the home detention of Bernard Madoff. SFI was retained in this high-profile case due to our proven success at providing court-directed home detention monitoring in another high-profile case in New York, U.S. v. Sabhnani, in which SFI provided seamless physical and cyber monitoring of the subjects’ activities pursuant to court orders.

Because of the far-reaching implications of the Madoff fraud, monitoring was determined to have an unusually high level of risk, involving death threats against the confessed schemer, potentially dangerous interfaces with the public, and a circus-like atmosphere of media attention. It also demanded extensive liaison with federal authorities and coordination with government procedures.

SFI’s around-the-clock monitoring of Mr. Madoff at his New York residence was conducted by retired supervisory federal agents and high ranking New York City police officers who kept detailed logs of entries and exits to the residence. Specifically, SFI created a dedicated, secure wireless network to ensure that Mr. Madoff did not exit except for authorized purposes. The investigators monitored and recorded all incoming and outgoing deliveries of any kind and installed specialized electronic equipment to conduct remote video surveillance. The systems retained recordings of all activities, available for auditing by the court if required. SFI further performed mobile monitoring when requested by the court and brought the engagement to a successful conclusion, without incident, when it escorted Mr. Madoff to his plea hearing from which he was remanded to federal prison on March 12, 2009.



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