Case Study

Due diligence in the energy sector

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An international private equity firm was considering a new business relationship with a German electricity generation and energy solutions company. As part of the process, the client requested an in depth due diligence and risk assessment of the prospective partner.

Experts from Stroz Friedberg’s Due Diligence team conducted discreet enquiries with members of its network of trusted sources to better understand the target company’s activities and reputation. Sources included energy industry professionals in Germany, informed local journalists, and senior regulatory officials. Our enquiries demonstrated that the company enjoyed a sound reputation in Germany and that it had successfully extended its operations across Europe.

We also confirmed that the company’s three key principals were reputable and established business professionals with requisite and long-standing track records at the subject company. Our sources informed us that these individuals were well known in local business circles. Our enquiries also verified that neither the company nor its key professionals had ever faced any credit, regulatory or legal problems in Germany.

Stroz Friedberg’s findings enabled our client to make an informed choice when deciding whether to enter the new business relationship. With the benefit of our due diligence report in hand, the client was able to proceed with confidence.



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