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Charges dismissed once a witness is exposed

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Stroz Friedberg was engaged to identify and profile any adverse information about potential witnesses in a federal criminal matter brought by the Anti-Trust Division of the Department of Justice against our clients, the defendants in the matter. The case involved the alleged disclosure of proprietary information by an employee of a rival company to our client during the bidding process for millions of dollars in U.S. Government contracts. The allegations exposed our clients to extensive federal prison time and fines.

Prior to the start of trial, Stroz Friedberg conducted covert background investigations and interviewed all potential government witnesses at the request of counsel. Through these investigative measures we were able to amass significant negative information concerning the government’s chief witness, including previous terminations and poor job performance, as well as suspicious claims of accomplishments and conflicts with actual employment dates on a resume that called into question the subject’s truthfulness and integrity.

In addition, Stroz Friedberg learned that the initial accusations against our clients originated from an anonymous caller who, identifying himself as a federal agent, had alerted the President/CEO of the rival company that their proprietary information was being leaked to a contact at our client’s company. Stroz Friedberg also determined that this anonymous caller, who was never identified to the defense by the prosecution, had provided documents to the President/CEO which were also never provided to the defense.

Based on the information and reports created by Stroz Friedberg, the government dismissed all charges against one client. The second client pled guilty the day of the trial but was eventually sentenced to federal probation.



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