Cyber Summer Associate Program

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Cyber Summer Associate Program Position Overview

Organizations across industries are engaged in an unwanted struggle against multiple and unexpected adversaries – ranging from organized crime rings to nation states and terrorist groups, as well as disgruntled employees and online vigilantes.

It only takes one successful attack to devastate a company’s financial performance, brand, and reputation. And in this current cyber climate, it’s not if an attack will happen, but when. Resilient companies recognize this new normal and stay one step ahead to protect themselves, their customers, partners and vendors against devastating attacks. This is where you come in.

Come join us!

The Stroz Friedberg Cyber Summer Associate Program (in the US or UK) is a ten-week opportunity in one area of our cyber resilience and digital forensics businesses. You will be working on client projects and learning key skills in information and physical security: digital forensics; pen testing; intellectual property and trade secret protection; incident response (i.e. reactively working with an organization in response to a cyber attack); and security science (i.e. proactively identifying vulnerabilities and defending an organization from adversaries).

Your work will support our goal to maximize the health of an organization, ensuring its longevity, protection, and resilience.

A paid internship with training and hands-on client experience

This ten-week paid internship begins in June in our LA office, bringing together all of the Cyber Summer Associates for a three-day training program. During this time you will meet with firm leadership, and participate in a Capture the Flag exercise, network with colleagues, and join other special events.

From June to August, Cyber Summer Associates work directly with our existing employees in one of our U.S. offices. Immersed in experienced Stroz Friedberg client teams, you will contribute to a wide variety of live client projects. You will learn how to use cutting-edge tools and technologies in our state-of-the-art digital forensics labs, and attend regular training and demonstrations to build technical and professional skills. During the placement, you will complete a research project on an impactful issue relevant to your skillsets and interests, and present it to the firm’s leadership at the end of the program.

Learn from mentors with deep subject matter expertise, while working across a variety of technical environments and enterprise networks.

From the very beginning, you will learn from managers and colleagues with robust technical and legal backgrounds, many of whom contributed directly to developing the foundations of the practice of cyber-focused law enforcement. Cyber Summer Associates will have both a mentor and a supervisor to support their client work, professional development and research projects.

Our culture

The size of our organization means each team member, including every associate in our program, plays an integral role in our success. It also allows each individual to gain real on-the-job experience and prepare themselves to step into leadership roles. What’s more, because risk management is our company-wide focus, not a department, all of your contributions are central to our practice.

Begin your career in cybersecurity

The Cyber Summer Associate Program is a unique and exciting opportunity that is aimed at helping you build the skills and experience needed to kick start your career in cybersecurity. Our hope is that successful Cyber Summer Associates will be well positioned to join our Cyber Associate Program, leading to other potential opportunities within the company.

We’re excited to meet you!

Applications are no longer being accepted for the US or UK Cyber Summer Associate Program.

Please check our Careers page for current employment opportunities.


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