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“Bonnie and Clyde could not do a thousand robberies in the same day, in all 50 states, from their pajamas, halfway around the world.” – FBI Director James Comey on the current state of cybercrime

APT. Hack. Data breach. Repeat. The abundance of cybercrime in our world today makes it feel like the bad guys are following a simple, repeatable recipe… and achieving extraordinary results.

FBI Director James Comey said in a recent interview that “cybercrime is becoming everything in crime.” The statistics certainly bear this out – an alarming number of daily headlines are consumed with news of devastating cyber breaches. Several studies suggest that nearly every American company was attacked at least once in 2014, and the average cost of serious breaches is approaching $1 million per incident. Everyone wants to know: How does this happen? What does it mean to my company and to me personally? How should we respond if we’re targeted?

At Stroz Friedberg, our incident response experts have been on the ground tirelessly defending against cybercrime in the public and private sectors for decades. As threat actors change tactics and adapt to new cyber defense measures, we stay one step ahead using deep knowledge and cutting edge maneuvers to thwart the bad guys. Our teams examine our client’s cyber challenges from all relevant risk angles – technical, process, liability, people/culture – and customize solutions that address all potential sources of risk.

Now, after years of working on many of the biggest cyber breach cases in history, we have decided to share our experience with the hope that, together, we can create a united front against a fragmented, but increasingly agile enemy.

I am pleased to introduce our blog, brought to you by Raptor, the Stroz Friedberg Incident Response Unit. Here you will find commentary, new discoveries, and innovative ideas. We hope to spur thought-provoking conversation and share information that will strengthen your defenses – and we invite you to join the conversation.

You may not hear from us every day, but when we have something new to say that will change or add to the dialogue, you can be sure we’ll start a conversation about it here on our blog.

I leave you with the Raptor motto: Forewarned is forearmed.


Our lawyers don’t want to miss out on the fun and would like you to know that all of the posts are the opinions of the individual authors and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Stroz Friedberg. The ideas and strategies discussed herein may not be appropriate for any one reader’s situation and are not meant to be construed as advice.

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