The Healthcare Cyber Shift

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The world is at cyber war, a war that has spread to every industry possessing information assets of value. Healthcare organizations possess some of the most valuable information of all and, consequently, are prime targets – in fact, 90% of U.S. healthcare organizations had a cyber breach in 2014.1 Healthcare organizations must make peace with the fact that cyber breaches cannot always be prevented.

But knowing you will be attacked does not leave you powerless. In fact, our white paper, The Healthcare Cyber Shift, explores how that certainty is empowering healthcare organizations to shift away from the mindset that preventing a breach cannot be done with 100% certainty and toward one of cyber resilience. By adopting cyber resilience, healthcare organizations will be better equipped and prepared to withstand inevitable cyber breaches. By being proactive and better prepared, they will more effectively minimize damage and related costs, and more rapidly resume normal operations.

This paper provides healthcare organizations with a roadmap to the cyber resilience shift. It includes an overview of the crucial steps you should take to prepare for cyber intrusions, detect such intrusions before they become serious breaches, respond to them proactively, and recover from them effectively.

In this paper, you will learn:

  • That neither compliance, nor a well-secured environment, are enough to manage healthcare cyber risk.
  • Why setting the tone at the top is a must for enterprise-wide cyber resilience in healthcare organizations.
  • Proactive threat detection is a must.
  • The incalculable importance of a robust incident response plan.
  • 12 steps to kick-start your organization’s cyber resilience.

To learn more, please contact Rocco Grillo, Stroz Friedberg’s Cyber Resilience Leader.

1Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data (Ponemon Institute Research Report: May 2015).



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