Aon Inpoint – Global Cyber Market Overview

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White paper by Aon Inpoint highlighting Aon Cyber Enterprise Solution and Stroz Friedberg partnership. Including the following points:

  • The role of cyber insurance data analytics is not to provide pinpoint forecasts –especially where the perils and solutions are dynamic and fluid.
  • Aon Inpoint data analytics provides a benchmark to test proposals based on theory and evidence rather than instinct or unproven ideological priors of other lines of insurance.
  • Informed analysis may not be a perfect mathematical science, but Aon Inpoint data analytics is the most informed analysis because Aon links asset and risk data analytics on a micro and aggregate/systemic/correlated basis to lower insurers, reinsurers and insureds Total Cost of Risk via:
    • Aon data derives from the placement of the most cyber insurance policies and premium on a worldwide basis, depending upon industry, size and geography;
    • Aon loss data relies on Aon’s handling of some of the most significant cyber claims and forensics/incident response engagements;
    • With the combination of Stroz Friedberg, Aon Global Risk Consulting, Aon Benfield, Aon Hewitt and Aon Affinity, Aon considers a macro-level, aggregate cyber perils approach, which includes Assessment, Testing, Improvement, Quantification, Risk Transfer and Response.

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Stroz Friedberg

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