2017 Cybersecurity Predictions

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This year’s predictions:

  • Criminals harness IoT devices as botnets to attack infrastructure
  • Nation state cyber espionage and information war influences global politics and policy
  • Data integrity attacks rise
  • Spear-phishing and social engineering tactics become more crafty, more targeted and more advanced
  • Regulatory pressures make red teaming the global gold standard with cybersecurity talent development recognized as a key challenge
  • Industry first-movers embrace pre-M&A cybersecurity due diligence
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We invite you to download our 2017 Cybersecurity Predictions Report. It draws on our experience in the field to help prepare security professionals and business leaders for the most significant cyber threats in the coming year. We trust you will find this year’s predictions insightful and use this thinking as a launching pad to assess your vulnerabilities, take action to mitigate cyber threats, and chart a course forward into 2017 and beyond.


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